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Spend any time at Body Tech Massage & Wellness, and you will discover we are founded on the living philosophy of working with the body as a whole to assist in maximizing our client’s quality of life. Owner and lead therapist, Rose Morningstar, LMT, a Massage Therapist since 1998, is committed to constantly improving her skills in the industry. This commitment is very obvious in the way it transfers forward into her business. Body Tech Massage & Wellness strives to be in the top percentile of our industry. When you arrive at Body Tech office for your appointment relaxation comes easily in the comfortable, yet professional and inviting environment. A welcoming staff member greets you and assists you to the treatment room. Custom tailored massage meets each individual client’s specific needs. All Body Tech staff are highly skilled, licensed massage therapists. We offer flexible treatment schedules, including evenings & weekends. A very unique aspect to Body Tech is our ability to accept insurance. This includes Auto Accidents, Labor & Industries, and Workman’s Comp & Health Insurance. If you have questions on coverage please contact Body Tech Massage & Wellness and we will gladly assist you in determining your coverage. In closing we are proud to note that Body Tech's lead therapist Rose Morningstar has been voted #1 Massage Therapist for four consecutive years by N. Idaho Business Journal. We would be honored to be part of your health care team!

Body Tech accepts health insurance, workers comp, labor and industries, and auto insurance claims. Call to see if your insurance covers your massage.

I look forward to every time I get to go to Body Tech Massage! I love the facility, staff and experience! The work I have done there is always the number one way that I recover from injury, stress and/or every day life.Thanks!
- Derik Scott

Why Massage?

If you’re looking for a Coeur d'Alene massage therapist you have reached the right destination. Massage Therapy has many benefits beyond just feeling good. Whether you need to relax and de-stress, have a recent or chronic injury, or are looking to improve your quality of life, we can help. Massage therapy for injury treatment is done in a way that the cross fiber friction of the stroke helps to break down scar tissue. Then we manually encourage the body to lay down new scar tissue in the direction of the muscle fibers. Therefore increasing your range of motion of the specific area. Massage can help with numerous conditions including, but not limited to: Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sprains, Strains, Headaches, Muscle Tension and Spasms.

At Body Tech Massage & Wellness, Inc in Coeur d'Alene we can help provide you with the numerous therapeutic benefits for health, fitness and mental well-being. Massage helps improve the body's circulation, increases blood and lymph flow, stimulates the nervous system and affects internal organs as well as all of the muscles.

How Does It Work?

Massage therapy is a healing art that encompasses the manipulation of soft tissues, positively affecting and improving health and well-being. There are many styles of massage, including: Bodywork, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Neuromuscular, Esalen (Swedish), Deep Tissue, Circulatory, Sports and Cranial-Sacral.

Because there are so many different styles of massage it's important to find the massage therapist that offers the style that best fits your needs, in order for you to get the most from your session. Massage therapy can relieve muscle tension, strain, soreness and strain, as well as insomnia, arthritis, bursitis, headaches, digestive problems, stress, anxiety, depression and much more. If you would like to learn more about massage therapy in Coeur d'Alene please don't hesitate to call us at (208) 762-6772.

Helpful Tips and Advice

How Massage Therapy Can Help After Your Car Accident

A car accident can have devastating effects on your life, and the after affects are not just financially devastating. Physically, you will be an absolute mess if you don't get the proper care. This is why, after an accident, it is necessary to consult a Licensed Massage Therapist. The longer you delay treatment, the harder it is to get back to normal.
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Cancellation and No Show Policy

As a courtesy to other guests and our therapists, please give us 24-hour notice if you must cancel or change any treatments. Any appointment cancelled within 24 hours will be charged a $25.00 fee.

No Smoking Policy:

As a courtesy to our therapists & other guests please refrain from smoking immediately before your appointment.

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