Supplement Testing

Choosing appropriate vitamins and supplements can be an overwhelming task today — so many claims, so many promises. Often the more expensive the substance, the more attractive the advertising, the less they actually do for you.

We offer our clients Zyto supplement testing, which is a cutting edge decision support technology. It is a form of biofeedback which utilizes similar technologies to what is in lie detector tests. Your hand is placed on a hand cradle that is connected with a computer program. A series of digital statements are sent to your body & how your body responds is transferred into a easy to read report. The report shows exactly what supplements are right for you along with the customized dosage. The supplement testing is decision support technology, taking the guess work out of supplementation; therefore maximizing health benefit while minimizing cost.

At Body Tech Massage & Wellness, Inc, the supplement line we carry is Professional Botanicals, which is a "professional" line. That means you must be a licensed professional to distribute their products... which we are.

Supplement Testing Fees

Supplement Assessment with printed report  $30