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Ions are charged atoms that have gained or lost an electron; this charge causes them to set up a magnetic field capable of attracting oppositely charged particles and pulling them out of the body through osmosis Facilitated by the Bio Cleanse, ions travel quickly through the body and attach themselves to toxic substances; these toxins are then drawn towards the ionator and pass by osmosis through the feet into the water.

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Testimonial for Foot Detox

Actual Results From a Real Client...

I started foot detoxing with Rose in January, 2009. It was something I'd heard of a few years earlier, and I always wondered what it would be like.

Since I was in high school, I've suffered from "idiopathic bowel." This is a medical diagnosis, which essentially means I have slow motility and the doctors can't figure out why. In 2006, at age 29, I had my first colonoscopy, to try and help determine the cause. The violent prep and invasive procedure were inconclusive.

I must be explicit in my description of my condition: I have a bowel movement no more than once per week, and the longest I went without having a bowel movement was TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS (28 days)!!!!

My doctor prescribed Zelnorm, a drug which was new on the market and dispensed to patients exhibiting symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. The Zelnorm did increase the frequency of my bowel movements (I started going about every three days), but did not decrease my symptoms (distended abdomen, bloated, gassy feeling (but unable to pass gas), pain at any movement which included my abdomen (as it was filled with stool!)). I took the drug for approximately six months, after which time, the FDA pulled it from the market, due to deaths believed caused by the drug.

Since March, 2007, I have taken no drugs to assist with my condition, but did make a commitment to eating only "whole" foods – foods which are organically grown, and not processed. A majority of the food we consume is processed. This means no frozen pizza or entrees, no high fructose corn syrup (check the ingredients – this item is in SO many foods, it's staggering), no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners (yes, this means I do not use Splenda, which is sugar, but one molecule of chlorine added). Basically, if I know (and can pronounce) everything on the ingredient list, then I can eat it.

Now, are you surprised, like I was, that my bowel issue had not improved?

Back to the foot detoxification. I scheduled weekly foot detox for three weeks, with little "result" appearing in the water. I was somewhat disappointed, but figured, maybe I don't have that many toxins because of the change in diet. I scheduled my next detox two weeks out. I don't know if you can see what happened, but take a look:

Little bits of I don't know what were extracted from my feet! Greens and browns and oranges and blacks... all these little "flecks" of "stuff" were coming out of my feet!

Keeping with my bi-weekly foot detox schedule, each subsequent time was even more "result" in the water. Lately, it's been dark green matter and orange tinted water.

I believe it was my sixth detox that things really started changing. That night, I went home and had a bowel movement. And the next day, I had a bowel movement. And the day after that, I had a bowel movement. I've had a bowel movement every single day since my last foot detox!

Three days after that very "productive" foot detox, I noticed something in my stool in the toilet bowl. It looked like a short piece of thick spaghetti, with a line in it…there…floating amongst my stool. It sounds disgusting, I know, but I was examining it closely! It was somewhat iridescent, and measured between four and six inches long. I began to suspect I might have passed an intestinal parasite, as I had heard them described in detail on several occasions by physicians I used to work with. Upon looking for intestinal parasites on the internet, I believe I passed a roundworm that day. Here is an image of a roundworm:

I've continued the foot detoxification appointments, and in the last five days, I've been having a bowel movement two to three times a day, and there is A LOT of material I'm now passing. When I was having a bowel movement once a week, the material actually voided was small in size and quantity. Now, I'm AMAZED at the sheer volume of "stuff" leaving my body! No wonder I was in such pain and uncomfortable for years! My abdomen was nearly full of excrement! I now know what it's like to have normal (in frequency and size) bowel movements!

Consider this, though…for nearly thirty years, I had been filling my intestines with processed foods. I now believe that these thirty years lead to my idiopathic bowel and it took something as groundbreaking as foot detoxification to release those toxins (and parasites) in me!

I don't even take pictures of the detox effects now – the basin is just filled with dark matter…you can't even see my feet.

If you think you do not have toxins in your body, I urge you to try the foot detox. Try it twice a month for a couple of months and see what it can do for you. We spend money on McDonalds and Starbucks every day, yet if we committed to just two foot detoxes a month, it would be just over two dollars a day. Can you skip your daily Starbucks and make a commitment to your health that can have long-term benefits? Try it today—I urge you!

I'm a real client. This story is painfully real. I wish I would have done this years ago!